Bindings Bibliophile Impression Guest Books Calendar Dummies Restoration Other Materials

Bibliophile bindings - artistic, leather bindings, parchment, canvas, decorative cardboards and papers - see description in the menu below
Impression bindings, low and medium impression, job printing and library collections - we bind all sizes in any way
Print, low and medium impression, all types of print, see impression
Guest Books, Commemoration Books, Albums etc.
Calendar and leather Diaries Journals Notebooks binding
Dummies: boxes - closets imitating a book, replica book panels and imitations of leather spines building over the space of the book-case
Restoration - detailed in separate chapter

Boxes clam slip Cases Presentation bindings - see Other
Folders for graphics, diplomas - see Other
Binding of the official and legal prints - see Other
Menu and wine card - see Other
Tubes for diplomas, cardboards - see Other